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PREMIERE: Skating Polly Rock Out at Home with "Nothing More Than a Body"

The Oklahoma sister duo waxes existential about a chance meeting with Neutral Milk Hotel's Jeff Mangum.

Photo by Drake Matney

Remember when we introduced you to Skating Polly, the teenage girls with the most cake? Well, the snotty step-sister duo is back with the a single off their forthcoming album Nothing More Than a Body. The sneering, eponymous track was written as an existential response to meeting long-time idol Jeff Mangum of Neutral Milk Hotel, after a member of Elf Power scorched their nerves with a few morbid words: "He's nothing more than a body." That's some pretty dark advice, but Skating Polly chews it up and spits it in out in a kiss-off home-made video.

And if hanging with the Elephant 6 roster isn't enough star-power for you, Skating Polly is about to hit the road with 90s rockstars Babes in Toyland for a European tour.