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The "Supercollider" Never Turned Off: Cavity's Daniel Gorostiaga on Returning to Ruination

Bringing the heaviness to you this fall at Saint Vitus Bar in Brooklyn, NY.

Cavity is coming back. For the woefully unaware, the Miami, FL sludge metal act has been inactive since 2003. The members of the band have gone onto other acts like Torche, Floor, and Black Cobra, still extending the roots of the ultra gutteral to new minds. If you got into metal later and never had a chance to hear the slowly stopping timebomb of a track like "Supercollider," you now have a chance to witness the destruction in action. This year, Cavity has reformed and has begun touring the country, including New York City this fall at Saint Vitus Bar. We're beyond excited you'll get to feel the bone-rattling heaviness in person, and to add on top of that we had a chat with the band's Daniel Gorostiaga about coming back after twelve years.


NOISEY: Why reunite? Why New York? Why now?
Daniel Gorostiaga: I think it was time. A lot of people had heard of the band and never got to experience it live. Plenty of our friends wanted it us to play music again. The interest in the band is there and once we started talking about reuniting, we found that it wouldn’t be that difficult to play together. What triggered our first show in 2015 was a benefit for our friend, Priya Ray of Kreamy Lectric Santa, an old friend of ours from the early 90’s Miami music scene. The show went extremely well, we had a good time, the chemistry was still there. We’re writing new songs, we’ll be recording them in the near future, show offers are starting to come around. We’re going to try to do as much as we can for the time being.
Why New York? The only times CAVITY played New York was at CBGBs in 1997 and at ABC No Rio in the Lower East Side in 1993. We played with Buzzoven at ABC, 13, and some other bands. We had a great time. We were supposed to do another show in 1996 but we had problems on the road and had to cancel the show. We had heard good things about St. Vitus from various people we know and once an offer was made to play there, we jumped right on it. We’re looking forward to it.

Who is playing in the 2015 lineup and how did that come together?
Well, I called around to see who was available. Some people said yes, others couldn’t do it because of different reasons. Our lineup at St. Vitus will be: Rene Barge on vocals, Ed Matus and Ryan Weinstein on guitars, Rick Smith on drums and myself, Dan Gorostiaga on bass. Rene Barge was in the band since its inception. Ryan Weinstein spent quite a few years with us. He appeared on Supercollider, On the Lam and various seven inches. Ed Matus was in the band early on and appeared on a couple of seven inches plus part of the Drowning CD. I’ve played bass and recorded with the band since it began in the early 90’s. Rick is in Torche and House of Lightning and he’ll be drumming with us from now on.

What do you think is the definitive lineup?
Everyone who played with us contributed in their particular way to each one of our releases. Some of them created deconstruction within, others added groove and blues influences, and others allowed us to play really fast or really slow, etc. All of our records show what the chemistry of the group was at the moment. I think that we have a strong lineup right now. Can you share any stories about the last time you played NYC?
Not much to say about it, it was during our first tour and we had only a 7” E.P. out (1993). ABC No Rio was a great place and the Lower East Side was still a wild, unrestricted place. The ABC No Rio show ended early so we took a stroll and found out that the Unsane were playing at this club nearby. We just knocked on the backdoor of the club, someone opened the door and we walked in to see the Unsane, no questions asked. They were great. The next day we had a day off so we went down to CBGB’s to hang out and see Buzzoven. Some of us snuck into that show too.

What do you think is Cavity's biggest statement, either on record or live etc?
It’s hard to say because I’m on one end of the spectrum, I write and play this music. I think that either the music or the live show (a lot of times both) did make an impression on people. I’ve spoken to people who love On the Lam, others love Supercollider. I think that all our albums hit a spot for people who like heavy music.

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