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Frank Ocean Teases Release Date for New Record 'Boys Don't Cry'

Is it finally time, or is it another ruse?
July 2, 2016, 4:39pm

The extended wait time we've all had to endure for the new Frank Ocean has turned meme-level at this point. With constant proposed release dates and hints from other musicians, it's been a never-ending runaround of when we're actually going to see this album. But now, we might actually have a for-real, for-real release date of the record. On his official website, the page was updated with a new post title "Late." The content of the post was a picture of a library due date slip, with several dates marked all throughout the slip, including one for "July 2016," with the day marked out., as well as one for November 13, 2016. Time will tell if we'll finally get new Frank Ocean in our lives, or if it will be another ruse.