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Drake Probably Earned More for This Mini Performance Than We'll Earn in a Year

Watch him perform "Hotline Bling", "Summer Sixteen" and "My Way" at a Bat Mitzvah in New York.

If we're being incredibly basic and rudimentary about it, being famous comes with its set of pitfalls. For one, it's impossible to engage in normal human activities – like walking to the shop on a Sunday morning for a carton of orange juice, or squeezing out a very necessary dump in a supermarket toilet – without running into a bunch of camera phones, passive aggressive fans, or trouble. That's the trade off all celebrities battle with. It's about having so much money the inner-lining of your rectum can be lined with diamonds so the poop doesn't even leave a trace when it slides out, in exchange for being snapped every time you go near the window.


Other times though, being a famous person seems so easy that it's worth trading in all the normal activities one will never be able to engage in again just to be someone who makes a dollar every time they breath. Take, for example, Drake. The Canadian rapper cum sentient meme performed at a Bat Mitzvah party in New York over the weekend, and when you consider his lyrics from Take Care's "Over My Dead Body – "Just performed at a Bar Mitzvah over in the States / Used half of the money to beat my brother’s case" – it's safe to assume he was paid more than the average millennial's yearly wage for his appearance, despite performing what seemed to just be three songs: "Hotline Bling", "Summer Sixteen", and "My Way".

Ah well, such is the supermarket dump and orange juice life. Anyway, given that Drake fans are like some well oiled content machine outlet, but dressed in Jordans and OVO caps, there's already footage online. So watch below:

Drake performing tonight at at bat mitzvah in NYC.

— Word On Road (@WordOnRd) February 21, 2016

Drake performing "Hotline Bling" at a bat mitzvah tonight in NYC.

— Word On Road (@WordOnRd)

February 21, 2016

Drake performing "My Way" at a bat mitzvah tonight in NYC.

— Word On Road (@WordOnRd)

February 21, 2016