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PREMIERE: Devereaux - "Bikini"

FYI this song was inspired by a sex-soaked week back in June 2001 and it's hot like a single drop of perspiration slinking its way between a lady's cleavage.

Listen, don't ask how his hair does this, because we really don't have the answer. But this coiffure belongs to Devereaux a.k.a. producer and visual artist W. Heyward Sims. Here's another things we know about the Columbia, South Carolina-based gent: he misses old school tape answering machines, which we can totally understand. Think about how many movie plot points hinged on an answering machine tape getting chewed up and the message being lost! Singles, anyone? Additionally the music maker has two significant releases to his name, last year's full length Pinneapple Flex, and 2013's the Cacti Pace EP (he sure has a great way with titles). Pineapple Flex veers from bombastic 80s-styled rock ("Azúcar") to Philippe Zdar-indebted lounge funk ("Sell the Rose") and more mellow electronica, and below we've got the premiere of this latest cut "Bikini." It's a chillwave Balearic beauty of a song. Hot like a single drop of perspiration slinking its way between a lady's cleavage.


"With 'Bikini' I was out to audibly capture the sticky heat of a certain sex-soaked week from June of 2001," explains Devereaux. "This was the same time I fell in love with Air's Moon Safari, a disc I tirelessly wore out in a '95 Honda while driving along the South Carolina coast with a svelte, classy blonde who frequently donned a red bikini. When an early version of the track yielded the succinct response, 'It makes me want to wear Jordache,' I knew I was hitting my mark."

Certainly the best inspiration behind a song story we've heard in some time. What happened to the blonde in the bikini? Who knows! Who cares! This memory is golden—just like the song.

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