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PREMIERE: Here's Olsson's "Hold On" Featuring Mapei

The Swedes are in the house doing what they do best: POP! (Shouts out to the nips too!)

Hang on a second! Is it 1989? Are we in Manchester? Can someone pass me some ecstasy so we can talk about HOW TRANSCENDENTAL THE STONE ROSES ARE PLEASE?

Oh. Sorry. This is all about Sweden, which, as all of Europe knows, births the best pop-makers on earth. In this case newbie Olsson blends baggy vibes and gospel goodness with the sharp tongue of Mapei—who we've been championing here on Noisey for a minute—plus a smidge of White Town's seminal hit "Your Woman." Zane Lowe's already on board. Obvi.

“We had been spending a lot of time working in the studio, mostly on her upcoming album," explains Olsson of the first track lifted from his forthcoming EP. "For the feature on 'Hold On,' I wanted someone who could tear down a wall, but sound like the Shangri-Las at the same time. Map was perfect for this. I've always been obsessed with gospel choirs since I was a kid, so this song had to have one. Back in 2015 I went to London and just recorded a gospel choir whose members included Vula Malinga (Basement Jaxx, Sam Smith), Adeleye Omotayo (Amy Whinehouse), Sam White (Florence & the Machine) and Eska Mtungwazi. They are a powerful layer on the record.”