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Here Is That Ten-Hour Loop of Tom Delonge's Verse on "I Miss You" You Wanted

Thanks, Nathan Fielder, for this thing we didn't know we needed.

God the internet is a wonderful place. Well, sometimes. Usually, it's filled with anonymous ratfuckers from the shitholes of America leaving terribly racist and myopic comments. But once in a while, oh man. Every so often, you find that internet sweet spot where a rapper goes on a career-marring YouTube tirade or an airline accidentally tweets a photo of a woman's bergina. Sometimes, a person will use the internet to ask for something horribly stupid and pointless, and the good people of the internet will deliver.


Two days ago, for example, genius comedian and person who has successfully trolled the media several times over Nathan Fielder made a request on Twitter that was as simple as it was random:

Anyone want to do me a favor and make a 10-hour loop of Tom Delonge's verse from "I Miss You"?

— nathan fielder (@nathanfielder) February 27, 2015

Over 300 retweets but no one actually had the courage or free time to step up. Then one beautiful, heroic sonofabitch did. Twitter user Jon Herroon emerged from the lazy internet masses to rise to the occassion. And here it is, ten consecutive hours of the alien enthusiast and former(?) blink-182 guitarist's verse from the song "I Miss You."

See how long it takes you to journey from "Hell yeah, this is rocks and is hilarious" to "I like this ironically just to annoy people" to "Holy shit I never want to hear this fucking whiny voice again." We clocked in at eight minutes over here, falling just nine hours and 52 minutes short of our goal.

Here's hoping Fielder uses this somehow on Nathan for You, one of TV's most criminally underrated shows, where he advises failing businesses on how to improve their image. Would we watch an episode where Fielder gives blink-182 a revamp? We would. And they need it.