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The Avalanches Just Announced the New Documentary 'Since They Left Us'

"Coming soon... Hopefully."

If you were much of an underground hip-hop fan around the turn of the century, you probably have fond memories of the Australian turntable crew the Avalanches' landmark debut album Since I Left You—and a decade and a half of grumbles about what's going on with the follow-up. Well, friends, I'm here to tell you that the Avalanches just did a thing. No, it is not the new album. It is a documentary titled Since They Left Us: What Ever Happened to the Avalanches? It features footage from the entire wild ride, complete with ten years of promises that new music was around the bend and mysterious appearances from Royal Trux's Jennifer Herrema, Ariel Pink, and Father John Misty, who, in true Father John Misty fashion, denies the very existence of the group. In true Avalanches fashion, there isn't a release date for the thing. For every glimmer of hope, a horizon to crawl across to get to it.


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