Saint Motel Morph Into International Men of Mystery for "Cold Cold Man"

Flaming ladies. Fisticuffs. Matters of miscommunication. The LA indie quartet return as suave Bond boys.
December 10, 2015, 3:00pm

Photo by Robb Rosenfeld

If you're familiar with LA quartet Saint Motel, it's probably thanks to last years "My Type" which kicks off with some glorious brass and segues into a indie-disco-funk monster of a song. It also helped that the video is stylistically 60s and the song was later lifted for this year's Paper Towns soundtrack. In any case, the boys are currently busy working on their sophomore record, a follow up to 2012's Voyeur, but in the meantime, we're premiering the video for "Cold Cold Man" off their current EP, My Type. As infectious as "My Type," this new song is about a dude who has difficulty being outwardly affectionate and emotional, but that doesn't mean he doesn't care, OK? And like, can you chill out a bit? Smothering is really not cool.

Man. Relationships. The awkward dance of miscommunication! Do that dance to the plinked out piano pop of "Cold Cold Man," but first, take in the video, a slick and cheeky take off Bond.

"It was really fun to work with our friend Chris Osbrink on this video," says singer A/J Jackson. "The idea was initially inspired by how a band’s travel schedule can be pretty similar to that of an international spy. Often times at airports we’ll get questions like, 'You flew all the way to Milan for one night?' and right before they scoff and take us in for questioning, we’ll be like 'Hold on… we’re a rock band' and then they’ll be like, 'Ooooh! Move along then and could you sign this for my nephew?” Chris thought this concept would be a perfect feature film so, in a way, consider this bond-like intro sequence, as possibly just the beginning of something much much bigger. We hope you enjoy it!"

Watch below:

Saint Motel's My Type EP is out now on Elektra.