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The Wilding Incident Fight Injustices of NYC with Their EP 'Prey for the Wolfpack'

A wholly New York hardcore record featuring Danny "Ezec" Singer of Crown of Thornz and Skarhead, and Jimmy Williams of Nausea and Maximum Penalty.
April 25, 2016, 1:08pm

Photo by Jammi York

The income disparity and unfair treatment of New York City is not a new subject—it's been happening for years. Back in 1989, a woman named Trisha Meili was assaulted, raped, and put into a coma for 12 days. In response to the media frenzy, the New York City Police Department responded in a hasty arrest of five men of color. The men were convicted and given sentences between five and 15 years, until the actual assailant confessed to the crimes year later. The men were found innocent and released, becoming a living representation of the city's institutionalized racism. You probably know this story, as it went on to be known as the Central Park Five.

This event is what inspired the name of hardcore band The Wilding Incident, who decided to put the plight of living in the city on their back. The band takes the city's grief and they choose to respond with aggression and action through their music on their debut EP Prey for the Wolfpack. It's an energetic and wholly New York blend of hardcore, with the help of Danny "Ezec" Singer's (Crown of Thronz, Skarhead) ferocious, pointed words like "the media frenzy blinded by hype, doesn't care about a young man's life." Tracks like "Stop & Frisk" twist together pounding drum beats with gritty guitars while Ezec wishes his thoughts could turn into shanks. Their words are a shield for all marginalized and fucked over people embodying the city's refusal to be stomped out, hitting back at aggressors just as hard.

Pre-order the record via Reaper Records and iTunes.