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Gallant and Sufjan Came Together At Coachella to Celebrate Prince with a Cover of "Purple Rain"

Two entirely different musicians coming together to celebrate a shared influence.

Photo via Timothy Norris

One of the defining characteristics of Prince's influence in music is how his music was able to connect seemingly every genre of music together with ease. The spirit of this genre-agnosticism was on full display last night on the first day of Coachella, when Sufjan Stevens brought on R&B sensation and Noisey Next pick Gallant to help cover Prince's epic "Purple Rain." Sufjan nails the guitar section of the song, allowing Gallant and a back up chorus of singers to add an immense amount of fire and soul to their voices. It's a moment that carries a far greater sense of importance than your average guest spot at the festival, two entirely different musicians coming together to give thanks to a musician that has impacted both of them in their own way.