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I Got Barfs in Atlanta: Watch Desiigner Vomit Mid-Dab Onstage and Keep Rapping


18-year-old G.O.O.D. Music signee Desiigner's "Panda" is one of the biggest rap songs in the country right now, and you can tell why when it's playing: the song comes in like the air raid before a hurricane and succeeds in delivering the storm. When you have a single like that, you have to deliver it like that, and, well… uh, this is a video of Desiigner puking mid-performance in New York this weekend, dabbing to cover up, and getting right back to the song, to the amusement of everyone on stage and off.

Question. Questions: Why does no one in attendance seem very concerned that this is happening? You hear one guy yell, but that's it. The guy on stage looking at Desiigner as it happens never stops smiling. He nods after. This is not normal. I was at a show once where the main guy on stage puked. People seemed worried. Is this just another day in the liife of Desiigner? Is this what happens when you mix lean and a Fanta?

What even is performed at a Desiigner show? Nearly every existing bit of live Desiigner footage is of "Panda." There is only one song on his Soundcloud page. (Somehow, it is not "Panda.") There are only two songs on his YouTube page. (The one that isn't "Panda" is about walking like a zombie, which makes sense because the "Panda" dance kind of looks like something the reanimated dead might do in response to music.)

Is a Desiigner show just an endurance test to see how long artist and audience can spaz out to this one song, like when Kanye and Jay Z toured Watch the Throne, and "Niggas in Paris" slowly became its own thirty-minute spectacle? Is that why he puked? Can we get this guy some more songs? Can we get this guy to slow down? Rich Homie Quan promised to never stop going in, but even he knows when to take a breather. Desiigner, if you're out there… take care of yourself.