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Potline Bling: Skepta Got Blazed Last Night and Then FaceTimed All of His Fans

"Big up the locked in crew 07481194570"
November 5, 2015, 2:37pm

"Skepta… Big up the locked in crew 07481194570"

So went the opening lines of Skepta's latest track "Top Boy" when he finally dropped the video version via Noisey four weeks ago. And despite being played over a million times across YouTube and Soundcloud, very few people, if anyone, realised he was dropping his actual mobile digits right there. Last night, he announced on his Instagram that the "Top Boy Number is ALIVE", and consequently received more calls, FaceTimes, texts and blings than all Drake's ex-girlfriends at 4am on a Saturday morning added together.

I tried to ring up Skeppy, but I didn't get through - just got a mixture of engaged and ring outs. But from what I can see, the North London MC, with a big fat zoot in hand, basically got absolutely blazed then switched his phone on and chatted to whoever had the balls to call him up, about whatever was on their mind. So if anyone was wondering why he wasn't at the MOBO to pick up his Best Song award for "Shutdown" well… ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

In a world where artists are always on saliva dripping scavenger hunts to find some weird, shitty, brandy, and over-complicated way to connect with their fans - like a Taylor Swift bake sale, or a live web stream of a gig on top of a mountain in Northern Scotland, or music video directed by a Vine personality that you have inexplicable dark thoughts about hurting - is there ever going to be a more simplistic and perfect example of achieving this then just getting proper stoned and FaceTiming all your followers? There is not. Hail Skepta.

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