This story is over 5 years old.

Watch 2 Chainz Debate Weed with Nancy Grace

2 Chainz: One. Nancy Grace: Zero.

Who decided to book 2 Chainz on Nancy Grace? Whoever they are, they were a fucking genius, because 2 Chainz debating the relative merits of weed with Nancy Grace is TV gold. The entire thing is both hilarious and insightful, but the best part (besides Nancy Grace saying the word "Doobie"), is when some brave twitter saint gets his troll tweet onto national TV—HOW MANY MARIJUANAS DOES IT TAKE TO OVERDOSE, NANCY GRACE???


At the risk of premature canonization, this is as good as Cam'ron on The O'Reilly Factor. Watch an upload of the video below, and below that watch 2 Chainz's instagram teaser of the segment in which he yells 'TRU!" at Nancy Grace.