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Shura’s New Track "What’s It Gonna Be?" Sounds Exactly Like Having a Huge Crush on Someone

The track comes ahead of her highly anticipated debut album 'Nothing’s Real.'
Daisy Jones
London, GB

There’s a fine art to making a perfect pop song. It has to be catchy but not grating, sweet but not sickly, emotional but not draining, and, most importantly, it has to have a melody you might want to dance to. Shura is an artist who has perfected this balance to an absolute T, and nowhere is this clearer than on her new track “What’s It Gonna Be?,” a sparkling pop banger that she sprinkled all over Annie Mac’s BBC Radio 1 show last night like glitter on a face before a night out.


“If you’ve got feelings for me, you’ve just got to speak honestly,” she sings in a sugary falsetto over gorgeous, effervescent layers of synth. “If you let me down, let me down slow, if you let me down, let me down slow.” It essentially takes the unique, dizzying feeling of developing a huge crush on someone and then bottles it into musical form.

Afterwards, Shura sat down with Annie Mac to speak about the track. "I’m quite excited because it’s the first piece of truly new music in a while,” she explained. "This record is about fancying someone and maybe having a kind of connection and then realizing that it’s probably not going to happen.”

Listen to the full track and interview below: