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Soft Cell Frontman Marc Almond is Releasing a Career-Spanning New Photo Book Next Month

Check out some exclusive shots from Soft Cell frontman Marc Almond's new photo book.

Photo by Peter Ashworth

There are many cultural hallmarks that apply to the decade between 1970 and 1990—Reagan, perestroika, the Berlin Wall, The Breakfast Club, Michael Jackson, Mötley Crüe, acid-washed jeans. If we're being honest with ourselves, though, nothing quite screams THE EIGHTIES like "Tainted Love," and despite plenty of attempts, no one's succeeded in bringing that electro-pop classic to life the way Soft Cell frontman Marc Almond did, and still does.


Almond's latest project is more visual, though—he's teaming up with First Third Books to release a limited edition photo book on June 3 that will span his decades-long career as a pop music pioneer. The book will feature over 200 images from international photographers and Almond's personal archives, interwoven with stories and text co-authored by Almond and author Mark Paytress.

We got a peek inside the tome and came back with some exclusive photos for your viewing pleasure.

Photo by Andrew Catlin Photo by Euan Myles Photo by Jamie McLeod Photo by Paul Cox Photo by Peter Ashworth

Photo by Pierre et Gilles