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The Urban Dictionary Guide to Music

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One of the most common questions artists get asked in interviews is where they get their names from. What does Portishead mean? What is a Fetty Wap? Who does a Juicy J? It’s almost as if nobody knows what the internet is, or that there is a handy website on it where you can find out the answers to all of those things and more without even being employed by the NSA.


Urban Dictionary is a crowdsourced online dictionary founded in 1999 by a college freshman originally intended to parody the regular ol’ boring dictionary by providing alternative definitions involving scathing cultural critique and poo jokes, but is now mostly used by your aunt Googling “bae meaning”.

Yes, Urban Dictionary is a pretty sordid place, where prejudice and offence flow in the rivers of jiz and wee wee. But the site is full of handy explanations of what musicians names mean and how to use them in a sentence. So you won't say something ridiculous like "I think a Caribou is a member of the deer family actually" and look like a total dummy in front of your friends. We’ve trawled its contents to bring you: the Urban Dictionary Guide to Music! Mumford and Sons make two appearances, naturally.


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Try this at home! Type an artist's name into Urban Dictionary and send us the horror that it spews out @NoiseyMusic.