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Dane Joe’s Futuristic Two-in-One Video Features a Cover of Brian Jonestown Massacre’s ‘Open Heart Surgery’

The Israeli artist headed to Berlin to unleash her avant-garde nightmares.

Dane Joe, aka Adi Kum is an electronic music artist from Jerusalem who is now based in Berlin. Unlike others who flock to the German capital like moths-to-the-flame in their quest to become Berghain’s sickest techno DJ, Kum travels down a path of doped up digital poetry, layered with synths and drones. It's the perfect soundtrack to her Lynchian like avant-garde nightmares. Her latest offering, "Dane Joe’s Fever Dreams", is a two-in-one music video featuring “Minor Panic Attack” and a futuristic doomsday cover of Brian Jonestown Massacre’s, “Open Heart Surgery”. Both featured on her forthcoming EP Detoxification.


We caught up with Dane Joe to find out more.

Noisey: What are you?
Dane Joe: A high-pitched mumbling witch.

Who came up with idea behind the music video?
It’s a collaboration with director Turk Lees. I have always been into witches and rituals and he had an idea of using the five elements as a frame for a film. Both ideas sort of merged together.

Why combine two songs in one clip?
We had talked about making something together but had too many ideas to focus on one story. The idea of using two different characters and settings and having them communicate with each other was a fun way for us to get all our random ideas out of our heads and to try something neither of us had made before.

The first song is about a panic attack you suffered when applying for a job at Urban Outfitters. What was your personal trigger?
I got there without knowing it was a group interview. I was desperately looking for a job and the fact I needed to compete with perfectly dressed 20-year-old girls with their miniature designer purses on a job I'll be horrible at, didn't help. Also, I used to be a ridiculously shy person, I got over most of it but in group situations, especially with strangers, I find it really hard to get words out of my mouth without them getting all gooey and random. It was hard for me to hear anything they were saying cause I could hear my own heartbeats getting louder and faster. So yeah, I probably looked like I was having a stroke, and on the train home I started wishing I wasn't such of a social freak but then I came up with the heartbeat-beat idea and the lyrics.

'Detoxification' will be available later in 2015.