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"Rat" by Dances Will Take 1 Minute 41 Seconds of Your Time

We're busy, you're busy, and luckily this is short and really great.

Dances are an NY trio made up of singer/songwriter Trevor Vaz, bassist/singer Sam Stoeltje, and drummer David Su. They've been together for about a heartbeat and have a debut, four track EP—Whiter Sands—coming out on Black Bell Records this Spring.

Here are some things we like about Dances:

1. Their willfully crap name. Impossible to google, but still great because it makes you think of, you know, dancing.


2. The fact that this song is all of 1 minute 41 seconds long. Perfect for those with dwindling attention spans who like music played at double time.

3. The vocals which remind us of five posessed Scott Weilands circa "Big Bang Baby" all singing into one mic. (Sidenote: Please watch the "Big Bang Baby" video to witness Scott's lime jeans, chin pubes, and his inability to mime convincingly. Also note the tragically budget graphics which their label no doubt spunked thousands on.)

4. Dances' breakneck psych-rock sonics.

5. Even though the rest of EP has yet to drop, we've listened to it and it's both gnarly and sweetly melodic. We like like like.

Dances Tour Dates:

2.22 - Brooklyn, NY - Emet (CASSETTE RELEASE) #
3.13 - Austin, TX - SXSW - Black Bell/Sailor Jerry party

# w/ Painted Zeros and Mannequin Pussy