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DJ Shadow and Salva Remixed Kimbra's "90s Music"

Three powers uniting to create the perfect soundtrack to a rave at the Super Bowl in 'Tank Girl.'

Before you click "play" on the little Soundcloud widget thingy below, I might as well fully explain to you what's going on here. You recognize Kimbra's name because she was the other singer on Gotye's "Somebody that I Used to Know," which means Kimbra will never want for food or notoriety as long as she lives. This song is called "90s Music." It is remixed by DJ Shadow, he of Endtroducing…. fame, who will also never want for food or notoriety as long as he lives. Assisting sir Shadow on the remix is Salva, an extremely good but vaguely less well-known—at least in comparison to DJ Shadow—producer. Pretty much nothing I can tell you will prepare you for what this actually sounds like, since this is basically the soundtrack to a rave they'd have at the Super Bowl in Tank Girl, if the Super Bowl were a possible thing in Tank Girl world. Anyways, enough of my yakkin', just listen to this and decide for yourself.




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