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Watch NOBUNNY’s Ridiculously Gory, Puke-tastic Mini-Horror Flick, “Nightmare Night”

Wanna see a dude's head get ground up in a blender? This is the video for you.

Sure, plots in movies are essential and blah blah blah. That’s true for most genres—rom-coms, dramas, thrillers, etc. But not in horror. Filmmakers should treat script-writing in horror with the same reverence as people who shoot porn. All action shots, no stupid words messing everything up. Skip the long, drawn out monologues and get right to the scene where the dude’s face gets melted off or where the woman gets sliced in half by an elevator. Fortunately, NOBUNNY has graced us with this video for “Nightmare Night” which shaves away all that pesky yammering and packs in more over-the-top gore, blood, guts, and bile than Re-Animator and Dawn of the Dead combined. It's like an amazing, full-length horror movie, reduced to just the essentials. Watch it above and get totally grossed out.