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Joe Lean from Joe Lean and The Jing Jang Jong Has a New Band With an Equally Shit Name

The song's pretty good though. We spoke to Joe to find out where the fuck he's been for seven years.
Ryan Bassil
London, GB

It’s hard enough being in a modern day indie band, duking it out for Q&As in The Fly and Neu! recommendations, but it’s even harder if you’re a one-time NME favourite attempting to claw back a career in music, seven years after the lego-haircut era ended. This week Joe Lean released his first music video since 2007, leaving the Jing Jang Jong behind and starting over with new group Boyband.

If you’ve never lived through the halcyon era of The Rumble Strips, Johnny Flynn, and T4 Freshly Squeezed and are therefore unaware of the legend of Joe Lean, here’s a bit of a backstory. At a time when Jack Penate, Kate Nash and a bunch of art students from New Cross were being touted as The Next Hottest Thing, Joe Lean and his band The Jing Jang Jong promised real rock’n’roll, the sort that had been unheard of since a couple of years earlier when Razorlight’s Up All Night was released.