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PREMIERE: Vulkano Shows Off Their Soft Side in the Video for "Smiley Faces"

Cheeseburger cake so cray!

If you – like me – thought Vulkano were all about post punk bass lines and clean drums – you will – like me, get surprised to hear “Smiley Faces.” It’s the first single taken from their upcoming second album, Iridescence. It offers Smala Sussie goes the Virgin Suicides vibes, and music that the duo dubs an “art project.” I’d say it’s chill – AND they’ve managed to keep their core melodic sound. Vulkano’s fresh electronic feel in “Smiley Faces” is accompanied with a soft, slow-mo pastel coloured video (premiered above), which, spot on, declares their new musical style. It’s so nice! Also, the whole eating cheeseburgers in music videos thing finally gets what it deserves: cheeseburger cake so cray!

Iridescence is out on September 30 via INGRID. Don't miss Vulkano live on September 3 at Trädgården Live Sessions in Stockholm, Sweden.