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Style Rider: Raury Believes A Man Is Only As Good As His Trench Coat

He shares what he's throwing in his duffel the next time he goes on tour.

At this point, swagger is such a lame word that it almost does a disservice to the person you're saying has it. But Raury's got whatever word will eventually replace it, in spades.

The 18-year-old rising star, who's already received the Kanye seal of approval, makes the kind of genre-bending music that's hard to pin down and impossible to shake off. Likewise his style, when it comes to getting dressed, is all his own. He's only been on the scene a few months, and he's already established a signature look—whether he's on stage at Bowery Ballroom or modeling for Opening Ceremony, you'll find him wearing a wide-brimmed straw hat that, even at a time when everyone's trying to be the next Pharrell, looks 100% cool and 0% contrived.


It's rare for such a young kid to have his own sense of style, not to mention sense of self. (Do you know what Justin Bieber was wearing when he was 17?) But the Atlanta native, who ended up being something of a fashion week darling last month, wears scarves, skinny jeans, and motorcycle jackets in the smoothest way imaginable. He could take up menswear blogging, successfully. But he shouldn't, because he's too damn talented for that.

Here's what he's throwing in his duffel next time he hits a venue near you (a tour that you absolutely can't miss).

A Dapper Overcoat Photo via Instagram

"A man is only as good as his trench coat. It completes every thought."

Ediké Backpack Photo via Instagram

"Have to have that awesome handmade bag to carry my life in. Ediké makes awesome bags!"

Straw Hat Photo via Instagram

"Nothing keeps me grounded like this hat. It reminds me where I came from. I've almost died in this hat multiple times."

Adidas Y-3 Kubos Photo via Instagram

"I can always count on these Y-3 shoes to give me the support and flexibility to get out on the stage. I gotta show my moves with no interruptions."

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