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Listen to K.Flay's New Felix Cartal-Produced Single, "Hail Mary" (Feat. Danny Brown)

A near-perfect fist to the face from the Stanford-educated wordsmith wünderkind.

Stanford-educated wordsmith wünderkind K.Flay has been burning her way through mixtapes and singles under the radar for a few years. Now gearing up for her major label debut, her new single "Hail Mary" is a near-perfect fist to the face. Enlisting production by Felix Cartal and an expectedly explosive verse by Danny Brown, here's what K.Flay had to say about the track:

The song is about being confused and messed up and wishing you could go back somewhere but not knowing where that is. Which I feel like a lot. Which maybe means I had a past life as a possum or something. Felix and I worked on the track together, but it felt like it was missing something, so I hit up Danny, who killed it.

Listen to "Hail Mary" below, and download K.Flay's fresh West Ghost mixtape here.