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The Only Thing Cuter Than Habibi's New Video For "I Got The Moves" Is Kids In Sunglasses

Puppies, baby pandas... make room.

Habibi - Got The Moves from Mark Popham on Vimeo.

Let's forget about youtube videos about puppies or kittens. In fact, let's forget about baby animals in general. My nomination for the cutest thing on earth goes to kids in sunglasses. What the fuck is it about kids in sunglasses that is so adorable? Is it the whole "kids doing what adults do" thing, the same reason why some people think its cute to have their baby in a Cannibal Corpse onesie? Who knows, but kids in sunglasses are the best.

Close second may be this Habibi video for "I Got The Moves," a cute and fun track with harmonized female vocals and a beat to make you want to twist. The video has it all: cool cars, skipping detention, bad boys in leather, liquor in the punch bowl, a banging loft party, cute girls in cutoffs and knee socks, even hamburgers. Also, the nerds get the babes in this video, not the badasses. Who doesn't love that? (Besides me, of course) (Obviously)

"I Got The Moves" comes from Habibi's new self-titled LP out now on Burger Records.