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The #1s Don't Have a #1 Yet but "heartsmash," Streaming Now, Should Be Yours

Power-pop-perfection, due on Deranged Records in August 5
May 28, 2014, 5:00pm

There is nothing quite as sick as a killer power-pop song. There's something about a badass riff coupled with a killer vocal melody that will keep you coming back and back and back. I guess it's no wonder people fuck with bands like Dinosaur Jr and The Replacements so heavy.

Dublin band The #1s are definitely power pop too, but more fall in line with bands like The Exploding Hearts or Buzzcocks; they're punk-inflected, uber-catchy and totally repeatable. Their song "heartsmash"? Fuck, it rules. Stream that song from their self-titled debut LP below, and look for it via Deranged on August 5th.



June 24th - The Lughole, Sheffield

June 25th - The Crescent, Manchester

June 26th - The Stags Head, London

June 29th - Pop Records, Sunderland

June 30th - The 13th Note, Glasgow

July 1st - Temple of Boom, Leeds

July 2nd - Scorpios Bar, High Wycombe

July 3rd - The Prince Albert, Brighton

July 4th - Power Lunches, London