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The Video for De Lux's "Moments" Proves That Falling in Love with Technology Is Actually Pretty Awesome

Tell your iPhone to pucker up.

You may be really into your iPhone, but the new De Lux video “Moments” stars a guy who really loves technology. Like, the dude is actually attracted to machinery, and thus the word technophile is redefined. Remember that movie Her? It's kind of like that. “Moments” is also the perfect track for wandering the streets of Los Angeles, which appropriately is how the video begins. While the suavely dressed protagonist wanders, he hits on a pay phone (who knew those still existed?) and tries to befriend a satellite dish or two, only to be turned down. The logical response? Paint yourself silver, dress up like a disco ball and dance like a robot. Some men can change. I’m still not quite sure if it’s creepy or cute, but who am I to judge love?

Aliza is going to start using “short circuit” as a euphemism for orgasm. She’s on Twitter@AlizaAbarbanel