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The Kool Keith Show Will Make You 'WTF' Like Never Before

The rap genius word associates Chinese food and a New England state.
May 27, 2014, 5:10am

Rapper’s making TV programs isn’t anything new. Will Smith was rocking The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air way back in 1990, Diddy had Making the Band, and Snoop presented the abomination that was Doggy Fizzle Televizzle.

But no one has taken television to quite the same mental level as Kool Keith on his new video venture. But then no one is quite as mental as Black Jesus.

It’s hard to describe the first episode of The Kool Keith Show on FunnyorDie. But the presence of George Clinton (who eats a duck in a tree) and a soccer mom exploding on a beach are enough to ensure you that it’s all classic Keith.

We shouldn’t really be too surprised though—the dude has always been a funky chicken. He’s no stranger to producing videos of floating jellyfish cocks and Super Soakers.

That much mental shit takes brainpower; hence his previous vow to give up music. A year ago with “Goodbye Rap” it seemed like he really was resigning to fade into the rap history book.

Thankfully he couldn’t stay away and has released a new single and album titled Demolition Crash today. We couldn’t be happier Poppa Large is still spitting hot fire, but after checking the first episode of the Kool Keith Show we still hope that he takes the TV game full time.