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Scrapbook: Meg Myers Flips Through Her Old Photo Albums

The LA-based singer charts her music and style evolution. It's one mega #tbt.
October 1, 2015, 3:30pm

The last time we wrote about this Nashville-born, LA-based songwriter was regarding her ghost-sexual video for “Desire”—a tortured tune that’s since clocked in three million views. Over a year later and the 28 year old has just released her debut album Sorry (via Atlantic), a collection of pop rock tunes threaded with dark undertones and given vibrancy thanks to her idiosyncratic vocals. She can flip between tangled sheet intimacy (“The Morning After”) to edge-of-the-cliff powerhouse angst (“I Really Want You to Hate Me”—which comes off like a rockier Banks). For Noisey’s regular #tbt, Scrapbook, we asked Myers to dive into her photo archives, which, given she was born to a Jehovah’s Witness-practicing mother and a truck driver father, bouncing from the Smoky Mountains to Florida to Ohio before LA—we thought would yield interesting results…

All photos courtesy of Meg Myers Left: Tennessee. Attempting some magic on dad. Dad was probably listening to the Marshall Tucker band or Johnny Cash.

Right: Olan Mills. Fishing. Having no idea that in a few years I would discover “Kiss From A Rose” at the drive-in at Batman Forever.

Left: Third grade in Toledo, Ohio. Got my first cassette tape around this time. Jewel Pieces of You. Also saw my first concert, in Nashville, James Taylor. Was mostly listening to what my parents were into which was a lot of classic rock. The Police, Heart, Dire Straits etc. Lots of Enya too. And I was listening to Mariah Carey and TLC with my friends at school. I wanted to wear these overalls every day at school. My parents would dress me and I would change into them at school.

Right: I think I was 13 or 14 here. Dropped out of school and started a band with my older brother in Florida. Probably playing “…Teen Spirit.” Wore a lot of hand me downs.

Florida. Teenager. Trying to find myself. Listening to Alice In Chains and Slipknot a lot.

Left: One of my many drawings: I could never seem to draw nice things.

Right: Playing bass in my first band with my brother in some warehouse in south Florida.


Continued below.

Left: Started writing more on guitar. I’m 17 here and listening to a lot of Tracy Chapman, Pearl Jam, Bob Marley, Dave Matthews, and Silverchair. Also a little PJ Harvey. Was really into hole in the knee jeans.

Right: Visiting my dad in the Smoky Mountains. Always wearing hand me downs or thrift clothes.

Left: Seventeen or 18 and getting into some weird shit.

Right: Moved to California at 20 and this is one of the first places I worked at.

Left: Early 20s. Still into weird shit. Started listening to Depeche Mode, The Cure, Oingo Boingo.

Right: Got some FILA socks.

Started a band. This was the only show we ever played.

Left: I got a couple rats. Watching TV with one of them. Listened to Alt J's first album so much. Especially the song “Taro.” Also got really into Perfume Genius.

Right: Met my longtime friend/producer/co-writer Andy Rosen a.k.a. Doctor Rosen Rosen. He ended up being the first guitarist for my live show as well.

Left: Writing in the studio with Rosen. He got me into Tori Amos and Prince and many, many more.

Right: Started doing a lot of touring.

Lollapalooza. At this point I started incorporating some really strange moves into my set, which people seem to either love or hate. Hey, feels good to me.

Left: Visiting radio stations. Early mornings.

Right: Started covering my mouth a lot live, not sure why. Started listening to pretty much only classical or country.

Left: Santa Monica Pier Show. Been listening to Ryan Adams these days and classical. Generally stick to black and white onstage.

Right: And that’s me in a nutshell.

And for the question: Someone's style that I admire is Blair Warner from the Facts of Life.

Sorry by Meg Myers is out now via Atlantic.