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PREMIERE: Sevdaliza's 'Children of Silk' EP Shows Strength in the Face of Confusion

The rising electronic producer and singer releases a dark and detailed new project, featuring Rome Fortune.

Artwork by Hirad Sab

There's something to be said for people who display quiet strength as a form of defiance in dark times. On her new EP Children of Silk, Sevdaliza is that person. The Netherlands-via-Iran singer/producer has made her name from collaborating with Stwo and her new release is a detailed, cohesive listen that befits her visual arts background. Sparkling pianos and Sevdaliza's own Beth Gibbons-ish voice nod to noir 90s trip-hop but the closing "Men of Glass" uses lush strings and left-field Atlanta rapper Rome Fortune to create a powerfully cinematic atmosphere.

"Do not rename it when it can't be pronunciated," says Sevdaliza in an accompanying statement, "Do not despise it when it is undressed. Do not abuse it when it is vulnerable. Do not only honor it in buildings with marble vestments. Do not stone it when beyond comprehension. Do not kill it with gloves of silk for they will only soothe it."

Phil Witmer makes music and writes in Toronto. Follow him on Twitter.