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PREMIERE: School Yourself on L-U-V in Pookie and the Poodlez' Video for "New Policy"

Prepare to go weak in the knees.

Pookie and the Poodlez is the one-man band of flambouyant Oakland skateboarder, Trevor Straub, whose charmingly derranged bedroom pop recalls fellow campy comrades Hunx and his Punk and Nobunny (for whom he also plays guitar). In the video for "New Policy," a track off Pookie's recent and second LP Young Adult, he flaunts around talking on a Princess phone, bitching about a boy he just can't seem to get. But he aches adorably, because Pookie's retro vibe mashes all the splendor of a John Waters movie with a gritty Green Day demo from 1993. We'll take our skaterbois in lipstick, thank you very much. Watch below.


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