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Stream Daylight Robbery's New Blasts of Urgent Angst

The Chicago punkers return with their third album 'Accumulated Error', that is anchored around harmonies and vocal trade offs.
February 14, 2016, 9:37am

Image: Ursula Sokolowska

It took Chicago punks Daylight Robbery almost a year to make their third LP Accumulated Error, they then had to wait many more months for the machinations (order cue) for the vinyl to be pressed. But the album is finally here and will be released February 26 by those fine punk purveyors at Deranged Records.

Early listens suggests that the wait has been worth it. Following up from 2013’s Distant Shores EP, that was released on Aussie label Poision City, the new album sees the trio – Christine and David Wolf and Jeff Rice –developing their anxious post punk, that’s anchored around harmonies and vocal trade offs.


Have a listen to the album stream below and read some thoughts from Christine, David and Jeff.

Noisey: This is your third LP. How different is it from your first?
Jeff Rice: I think we've figured out, stylistically and musically, what we're good at. We don't try to play in 6/8 time or anything hardcore/punk influenced nowadays. It's just driving, four-on-the-floor rhythms behind much catchier songs than anything on our first LP. If anything, I'd say it's a better-executed extension of what we were doing on the Distant Shores EP from 2013.

Christine Wolf: Our first LP was recorded in a more traditional studio and the last several records have been tracked in the basement of our house with the console and engineer in our living room. It’s a lot more comfortable and I think it is reflected in the sound and performance of our most recent recordings.

You’ve all been in the punk scene for some time. You’ve descried yourselves as ‘adult punk’. Do you find it weird that some of your audience wasn’t born when you were first getting into the scene?
David Wolfe: Sometimes I wonder if our true audience hasn't even been born yet.

Christine: It’s hard not to feel old when the average age of people at the shows we play is 25, but it makes me feel good that a generation other than my own can relate to our music.

Jeff: All the time! When I was 17 and living in Detroit, members of bands like Laughing Hyenas seemed ancient to me. But you get used to being the oldest guy at a house show and, in Chicago, it's not all that lonely being in the 35-45 age range. There are at least a few of us at most DIY shows.

I like the guitar in “Goon Beat”. What is the song about?
David: It's about the fine line between stupid and genius. Something that I think about a lot.
Christine: The chorus also reminds me of “The Goons” who are scene legends here in Chicago. You know it's going to be a good show if they are there.

Jeff, you've spent some time tour managing Australian bands Royal Headache and Dick Diver in the US.
Jeff: It wasn't so much "tour managing" as it was driving friends around the country to go to the beach or play pinball! The Dick Diver tour was a blast, but a bit hit or miss with the shows. One night, we'd be in an empty El Paso rock club with an opening act that could best be described as "Cossack-dancing Muppets who sound like Modest Mouse". A few nights later, we'd be at a packed show in LA and hanging out with Henry Rollins talking about movies and records. It was pretty wild. The Royal Headache tour was just non-stop fun-- sold out shows everywhere and plenty of pinball matches.

'Accumulated Error' is available from Deranged February 26.