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If It's Bricc Baby Shitro's "Choppa Music" You Want (It Should Be), Then It's "Choppa Music" You'll Get

The rapper formerly known as MPA Shitro is all about Europe in 2015, a trend that continues with this weird, Belgian-produced shootout anthem.
March 27, 2015, 3:24pm

Photo by Pascal Karouche courtesy of Bricc Baby Shitro

If Bricc Baby Shitro’s 2014 mixtape (as MPA Shitro) Son Of A Bricc Lady felt a little schizophrenic, chalk it up to to his bicoastal history. He’s a born and raised Angelino, and it's inexorably tied into his raps. But he moved to Atlanta for school and became a reliable presence in Atlanta street rap. He started the MPA crew with with trap heavyweight Peewee Longway in 2008, but he also maintains ties to Kid Ink’s Batgang. But rather than choosing a coast or working to split the difference between both regions, he broke way left.

In 2015, Shitty Montana is all about Europe. He was all over Brodinski’s Brava LP and his collabs with the Bromance family have continued. When we spoke to Brodinski, he shouted out Shitro for making the trip to check out Paris. Last month, he dropped a video for “6 Drugs” (produced by Paris’s Sam Tiba). And the skittering beat for “Choppa Music” comes courtesy of Richelle and Cosmic Revenge of the Belgian label Pelican Fly. Lyrically, “Choppa” is all threats delivered in his ominous sing-song flow. You wanna shoot it out? Shitty can do that.

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The track is another big step forward for Bricc Baby Shitro, who is quickly making a name for himself as one of the more interesting rappers bubbling. And if this weird stuff doesn’t work, he can always holler at Ink for some of that Rap’n’B money. I'll take my chances on this, though. Check it out below:

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