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Congrats to the Mars Volta Man on Smoking $1,000 Worth of Weed Per Week

That seems somewhat higher than average!

Photo by Jason Persse, via Flickr

As part of Vulture’s Stoner Week ("LOL that’s adorable" – Noisey), they’ve got a piece of commentary from Cedric Bixler-Zavala, one of the afroed dudes from The Mars Volta and At the Drive-In, about smoking weed. As you may have guessed from listening to even a note of The Mars Volta’s music, Cedric was a big advocate of the ol’ THC—so much so that at one point he was spending $1,000 a week on pot, buying it in bulk, just for himself. That seems somewhat higher than average, to be honest.


This raises a few questions. Namely, where are these stores where the Mars Volta man was walking in and buying weed in bulk? Is there a Costco where you can load up on weed? Is that aisle next to the snack aisle, making it convenient to one-stop shop for five pounds of weed and 20 pounds of Swedish Fish? Even by the standards of California weed laws, the whole enterprise seems exorbitant. And then, like, how do you go through that much weed in a week by yourself? Like, practically, how?

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But these days, the Mars Volta man has given pot up, and wouldn’t you know it, his views on music have changed as a result. Like on The Grateful Dead, for example:

“Strictly in terms of music, take the Grateful Dead. I’m a big Grateful Dead fan, but there are aspects of the Grateful Dead that I love now that I don't smoke that are the opposite of what I used to like. Now I find myself being like, 'Just gimme the goddamn hook!'"

Yeah, who would’ve guessed that without the aid of a psychoactive drug, the Dead would be painfully infuriating to listen to? Like, maybe unless you’re on a mind-altering substance, the Dead is just a 15-minute jam session that goes absolutely nowhere?

But anyway, however you slice it, that is a ton of fucking weed. So really, we gotta give it up to the Mars Volta man for blazing what must have been a literal 24/7. Shouts out to you, buddy. We'll always remember this video of you tokin' up:

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