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Noisey United: Listen to Our Favorite Tracks from Around the World!

Hear twelve fresh new cuts as curated by our editors from around the world.

Did you know Noisey is published in twelve languages? Just like music, Noisey goes around the world and back. When we were gowing up it used to be novel to be a kid living in the American suburbs and bumping UK garage while subscribing to NME, but now the internet has flattened the world and kids in Alaska are up on the future of South Malaysian witch-house. "Gangnam Style" is the most viewed music video of all time and it's in Korean.

In an effort to further flatten the planet, we've created the Noisey United Compilation; a mix-tape of our favorite tracks as curated by all our editors from around the world including the US, UK, Australia, Germany, France and more! We'll be releasing new mixes periodically so keep checking back for tracks from the east to the west. Xiǎngshòu!


NOISEY United Kingdom: Toddla T, Danny Weed & Jammer - 'I Don't Wanna Hear That'
NOISEY United States: Reigning Sound "Never Coming Home"
NOISEY Australia: Liam Kenny : Avalanche
NOISEY France - JESSICA93 - Away
NOISEY Sweden: Al Lover - "Snake Hands" (feat. White Fence)
NOISEY Canada: DillanPonders - DROWN (Remix) Ft. Flex The Antihero
NOISEY Denmark: AV AV AV - All Good
NOISEY Mexico: NAAFI - Lao - Catedral
NOISEY Brazil: Cybass - Altered Carbon
NOISEY GERMANY: Tender Games - In A Mess
NOISEY NETHERLANDS: Harry Merry - "The Sky Fun Reels And Angelica Kneels"