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Premiere: Homeshake - Don't Try

Mac Demarco's guitarist has a brand new band called Homeshake, and we're premiering their video for "Don't Try." It's full of porny Thai ladies.

Homeshake is the new solo project from Mac DeMarco's guitarist, Peter Sagar. Even though their name reminds us of remnant marijuana shavings, Homeshake's songs sound like a sexed up, out-of-tune Steely Dan. This video premiere for "Don't Try" is a glitchy VHS montage of ladies (of the night?) dancing in what appears to be a rent-by-the-hour motel. It was directed by Francesco De Gallo from Moduli TV, a channel we previously called the best on the internet.


Anyway, my roommate Thomas told me that he was not only pals with Peter, but that "Don't Try" was written specifically about him. I asked Peter about it while he was on the road to Philadelphia, and on tour with Mac DeMarco.

NOISEY: Is it true that you wrote the song "Don't Try" about my roommate Thomas?
Yup. That song's about him. It's kind of about how he whines all of the time, and how smart he thinks he is.

What's the video all about?
It's just a bunch of weird girls with their asses out.

Are they prostitutes in a cheap motel?
It seems like it, doesn't it? Seems like an old Thai porno.

Before the boning.
Which is good. That's the best part.

Are you a fan of
[laughs] Yes. Actually, Pierce [bassist in Mac DeMarco's band] is the one who turned me on to it. It's the greatest website on the internet.

I'm a pretty big fan. But I don't like the videos where the girls are crying.
Did you see the one where it's like, the best acting in porn?

No. What happens?
Oh man, it's like a zombie who's fucking a girl in the ass and then his dick breaks off, and he's just screaming. It's the best. It's so good.

Speaking of, I've read the term "jizz-jazz" tagged to your music. What is that?
[In the car, Peter asks Mac DeMarco] Mac, what's "jizz-jazz"?
Mac: What?
Peter: I don't know. It doesn't mean anything.
Mac: It's the white cream that……
Peter: Oh. It's the white cream that comes out of your weiner when you're listening to Dave Brubeck. Dave Brubeck or Miles Davis. Or whoever you want.


My roommate said you won some medals for drumming in high school.
I won Junior Jazz Artist of the Year.

Jazz just keeps coming up, huh? My roommate also said you had a phase with dreadlocks in high school.
Fucking Thomas. I had to delete a lot of pictures so he could never get a hold of them. Grade eight, grade seven. You know, my younger days when I used to listen to KoЯn a lot.

Linkin Park… I was really into rap metal when I was a kid.

Anything else?
No. But please don't tell anyone about my dreadlocks.

Homeshake's The Homeshake Tape is out now on Fixture Records.

See Homeshake live in Canada:
Montreal February 22 @ Brasserie Beaubien w/ Walter TV + Brave Radar
Toronto February 26 @ The May w/ Naomi Punk

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