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M.I.A Collaborates With Kenzo For New Video "Y.A.L.A."

Watch it.

We are super duper excited about the relaunch of UK fashion mag i.D's website. As a magazine, it's been a serious force in fashion and popculture—particularly in the UK—since it first hit the stands in 1980, but with this slickly revamped portal, which mixes up music, fashion, and art via a clutch of new video franchises, thinkpieces, and neatly laid out fashion stories, I.D is officially stepping up their online game.


Case in point, I.D., premiered M.I.A's video for "Y.A.L.A"—Maya's YOLO rebuttal which stands for "You always live again"—in colloboration with Kenzo. (Remember she dropped that sick mixtape for the fashion house earlier this year.) The video is a fast flickering, infrared, powder paint explosion of colors, with pinprick lights buzzing around Maya's disembodied mouth like a swarm of hornets. Surprising, her Kenzo threads, do not take center stage.

"If you only live once, why we keep doing the same shit?" she asks. Fair point. Maybe you should skip brunch this weekend and take that 40 minutes you would have spent lining up for eggs and do something useful.

Or just gold leaf your lips and eyeballs and dance on.

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