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Grime, Footwork and Rare Soulja Boy in This Exclusive Mix from Drippin

The Norwegian producer drops a mood setter ahead of this Saturday's Just Jam event in London.

For years via their online channel on, the guys at Just Jam have been responsible for serious clubnights, music workshops and most notably, for live streaming sets from the best names in bass, house and grime, all done in their trippy and distinct filming style. The exact same style you see in Skepta’s Mobo-winning video for “That’s Not Me”, our number one track of 2014.

This Saturday night Just Jam are hosting another big night at the Barbican packed with audio and visual fun from everyone in your Soundcloud favourites list this year. We’re talking D Double E, Preditah, Traxman, Mumdance, Novelist and even Syria’s original nuttah: Omar Souleyman. And you can still grab the last few tickets here.


One of the most exciting new names on the line up is Norwegian producer, and signee to J Cush’s Lit City Trax, Drippin, who specialises in the type of instrumental grime that makes you feel like a daydreaming baller.

We rang him up to talk about Just Jam, Norway and what made him cry this year. Stick on this exclusive mix he’s made while you’re reading.

Yo Drippin! So, what's kicking in Norway right now? Who's hot?
So the scene is very scattered, into small hubs or communities because of the geography. Mountains and bad roads in Norway make the distances between the larger cities appear bigger than most European countries. The result is that there are many producers and artists operating in isolation, outside any singular Norwegian electronic scene. There are many producers/artists doing very cool stuff though, like: TCF, Cashmere Cat, Slick Shoota, Skatebård and Al Tariq to mention a few.

How long have you known of Just Jam and what made you want to get involved?
I have followed their output for a couple of years actually, and I really love what they are doing! They have this really authentic DIY vibe in their aesthetic, and they do projects that really appeal to me. Also their live streams are the realest!

What are you planning for your set on Saturday night at the Barbican?
Hopefully I’m gonna finish all these brand new demos so I can use them. Other than that, I’m gonna play some cuts from my recently released Silver Cloak EP, plus some cool club tracks from friends.


Who are you most looking forward to watching?
That's a very close tie between Maboku and Uniiqu3.


What were you aiming for with this mix you've done?
Just a quick mix of my current musical obsessions, including in my opinion maybe the rarest, most underrated Soulja Boy track of all time.

What were top three tracks of 2014 and why?
In no particular order… Dotorado Pro's "African Scream": there's something about how the samples are chopped, and those marimbas make it magical. It's really hard to describe the feeling, sad but banging at the same time. Arca's "Wound" makes me want to cry. And Future Brown's "Wanna Party" (featured in Noisey's top 25 tracks of the year), because it's very rare when you find a rap song on which the beat and the vocals are both a perfect 10 out of 10.

Finally, can we have the tracklist for your mix?
Drippin - ?????
Massacooramaan - Total Environemt
Cash Out - All i Want is Money (Zora Jones bootleg)
Drippin - Kyoto
Champion - Power Cut
Lil Silva - Cheese And Bun (Dubbel Dutch Club Remix)
B.Ames - Why Don't Do Right (Drippin Edit)
Drippin - Air Jordans (Taskforce Edit)
Sinjin Hawke & MikeQ - Club Trak
Drippin - Silver Cloak
Lexxi - Throwwwn
Soulja Boy - In Love With Chanel
Mad Maxx - Pretty Girl Ratchet

Cheers, and see you at Just Jam.