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Austin Considers Building the Most Badass Statue of All Time: Danzig Riding a Dragon

Fingers crossed.

The Austin Music Commission held a meeting last night to discuss future goals. And right under a suggested volunteer clean up day was a bulletpoint proposing the possibility of erecting a statue of Danzig riding a dragon. So, since that couldn’t possibly get any more ridiculous, let’s just read from KEYE’s report of it:

"The idea for the Danzig statue is attributed to James Moody, the owner of The Mohawk, the famous live music venue that sits at Red River and 10th streets. When reached by phone Monday afternoon, Moody acknowledged the idea was mostly in jest. But he added, 'if they're willing to do it in gold, I'll submit it as a serious idea.' He also suggested ruby eyes for the simulacrum of the man who also fronted the 80s metal band Samhain."


Oh yeah, for sure. You gotta go for the ruby eyes for Danzig. If someone suggests emeralds, they should be barred from any future Commission meetings. And while this is most definitely a big joke, maybe if this story gets enough attention, they’ll actually build the thing. That’s what the internet is good for, right? So write to the Austin Music Committee. Tell them you want a Danzig statue. Make a petition. Get the President involved. Or at the very least, Joe Biden. THE UNITED STATES NEEDS A DANZIG-RIDING-A-DRAGON STATUE. No terrorist would fuck with a country badass enough to have one. (Plus, it's gotta be better than that statue of Kurt Cobain crying.)

Thanks to our friends at Metal Injection for the tip. They created this shitty artist’s rendering and challenged us to make an even shittier artist’s rendering which you can see above. Your move, metalheads.

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