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Listen to Every Single Goddamn Song by The Beatles

The only band ever to exist in the world other than Nirvana has put their entire discography on streaming services.

Folks, it's the moment you've been waiting for. The entire discography from The Beatles—the only other band in the world to ever exist besides Nirvana—is now available across all streaming platforms. That's right, if people are always like, "Hey Jude," you should really "let it be," this is your moment to understand "something." Just take a second because "here comes the sun" as you get high "with a little help from your friends" in the "strawberry fields forever." After all, you should take a "day in your life" to "come together" and get happy after that "blackbird" pooped on you. Even if "Penny Lane" has you down "while my guitar gently weeps," "don't let me down." "Get back," because "I am the walrus" and you know you "can't buy me love."


(Do you guys get the jokes here? Anyway, stream every fucking Beatles song below.)