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$ome News: Jay Z and Beyoncé Are Rich as Shit

Rich $ex.


In news you didn't know you needed confirming but here we are anyway, mega-couple and, my prospective adoptive parents??, Jay Z and Beyoncé are rich. We don't mean just super rich or new money rich but, like, hella rich. The duo is, according to Forbes, the highest paid celebrity couple on their Celebrity 100 list. Neat! Numbers wise, they pulled in an insane $107.5 million in 2016. Bey edged out her (allegedly adulterous) husband at #34, individually, by bringing in $54 million. Jay came in #36 with $53.5 million. Beyoncé managed to beat her husband by releasing the searing Lemonade on Jay's TIDAL streaming service, along with her Formation World Tour, and, we guess, her althleisure Ivy Park line. While Jay did not do anything substantial record or touring wise (outside of contributing a very dad verse to this Pusha T song), he did a lot of work with Roc Nation, his Armand de Brignac champagne, D'Usse cognac, and, obviously, TIDAL. Glad to see these two are working out for what matters most: the dollar$.

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