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Here's Your Cosima Crib Sheet and Her Video for "Had to Feel Something"

Sade? Is that you? This is divine!
July 22, 2016, 9:00am

Welcome! This is your one stop shop for Cosima. Who is she? What does she sound like? Why should you care? Really you don't have to read any of this because why you should care will become evident as soon as you press play. Perhaps you recognize her dusky tones from the womp and ratatat of Lil Silva's "Caught Up," but now the 22-year-old singer is striking out on her own. And with what style. Born and raised in Peckham, South London, to Cuban and German parents, Cosima's "Had to Feel Something"—the video for which is premiering below—is rich, and sexy too. But there's subtle appeal to it, like the elegant curve of the back of a woman's neck. The video's at once intimate and voyeuristic. The look is very LDN in the late 90s and yet very now too, and those vocals certainly belie her 22 years: Extremely Sade-esque in their depth and we don't bestow that queenly comparison lightly. When she runs her knuckles against that rough wall she's physically searching for a feeling of any kind.


"When I wrote this song I was feeling so sad and angry that I had totally shutdown emotionally," explains Cosima. "It's about feeling so powerless that you'd do anything to get some type control back even if it means self destructing. It was really important and exciting for me to be able to frame myself; so I decided to direct and edit the video myself.

"It started off as a bit of an experiment. I picked my favourite clothes out of my wardrobe and called my friend who is a photographer. We spent a weekend shooting footage at my flat and around my area in Peckham which is where I grew up. It was important for me that the video was shot in the space where the feelings in the song happened." Watch below and save a google alert for Cosima directly after.