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Seeing Quadruple and Then Some: Watch Solvey's Video for "Redlight"

Jessica—of twin duo Zambri—emerges with her new musical moniker Solvey and a video that stars her again and again and again and again…

Solvey by Noel Heroux.

So, here's the musical lineage: There was band called Zambri made up of twin sisters Cristi Jo and Jessica Zambri who released a bunch of icy cool synth-pop back in 2012. Now Jessica is making music under the name Solvey and below is the premiere of her video for "Redlight." Directed by Nira Burstein, we find Jessica knee-deep in a softball game—she's the pitcher, the catcher, the batter, the outfielders and she's that one with the talons and the heels and the beret. Very Being John Malkovich, basically. There's a smidge of Veruca Salt to Solvey's slink, but it's sexier, less grungey; less distorion, more synths.


According to Jessica, her album is about "what it takes to love someone wholly."

She continues: "The last couple years were more gray than others for me—my longtime relationship was being severely tested, three separate family members were enduring different battles with cancer, and at the very same time I was somehow coming into my own in a very subtle way, so subtle I was taken aback when suddenly all of these songs came rushing toward me. Recording was sort of like a deep exploration inside an abandoned building, and the more I would discover about myself, the more I could build up again, which is why now, playing shows is incredibly cathartic.

"I needed to listen to something that would bring me some solace, but it was important to hear myself say some things I would probably not have had the guts to say before."

Sounds like Solvey's getting very real on record, but for now, here's the more light-hearted video for "Redlight."


Written & Directed by Nira Burstein

Director of Photography - Ryan Broomberg

Assistant Director - A.R. Holsomback

Solvey's self-titled debut album is out on 8.21 via Killer Wail Records / CONNECT.