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PREMIERE: Babes - "I've Got a Reason to Keep on Living"

LA-based quintet make obsession sound ever-so sunny.
July 14, 2015, 2:25pm

"I've got a reason to keep on living," harmonize LA-based quartet Babes in breathy, celestial tones. What are your reasons to keep living? Rainbows? Laughter? Cuddles like a koala hugs a tree? The taste of a juicy cheeseburger and fries? All good reasons to keep your heart beating, but we surmise the quintet—including siblings Aaron, Zach, and Sarah Rayne Leigh, and cousins Jeffrey Baird and Bryan Harris—are probably talking about love and not a delicious grilled cheese. Although if you combine the two, you've really got it made.

"We play love songs cause we feel bad and it makes us feel good,” explain Babes. This also happens to be their Twitter bio, so they must really mean it. We've been there. Sonically, "I've Got a Reason to Keep on Living," crests a sunny surf-pop wave. Yet there's a an element of obsession lurking in these beachy grooves. "It's the only thing I've got that ever made me feel alive…" Yikes. Not entirely sure we'd like to be the object of this songwriter's affection.

So far the band have dropped one EP and their debut album, Untitled (Five Tears), is out on 10.30 via Barsuk Records, but until then, drift away, hug your loved one, and don't forget to share that milkshake. Sharing's caring.

Kim Taylor Bennett is thinking about lunch and love. She's on Twitter.