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​Phèdre's Video for "Tivoli" Will Bend Your Brain

Happy Monday! Hope you're not hungover!

Phèdre shot by Mena Sewell Mencusa

Not gonna lie—the opening scenes to this video are really weird and strobey and might make you feel a bit sick, but you'll keep watching because you'll be like: Why are they wearing fruit nets from the supermarket on their heads? Why are they frolicking in the ocean with rubber gloves filled with water? Why are they making music that sounds totally bananas? It's a kind of 8-bit electro-punk fronted by a pitchshifted alien pixie. That's what it sounds like to us anyway.

This is the blurb that's supposed to explain it all… but does it?

Phèdre had been hanging out on a beach in early 2015 when their friend Jason Harvey, artist extraordinaire, popped by from the over the Euro seas. The trree of them traveled between Imperial Beach and LA filming "Tivoli." That is Lee singing, not Jason's dog. Phèdre wears some bags on their heads that used to hold oranges. Jason designed a pair of very fat hand gloves to wear on the beach. They bought some masks at a Japanese dollar store. Lee is wearing a nightgown with a cat on it. April is dancing in the desert. Phèdre is dropping a new album in the coming year.

So there you have it. Watch the weird below.