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Does Young Metro Trust You? Buy This T-Shirt to Find Out

The most important rap ad lib of the year has its own T-shirt line now.

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Generally, we here at Noisey, as our commenters love to remind us, do most of our work in our ratty underwear, or, if we're feeling especially cool, in a Minions onesie. But if there's one thing we love even more than the one pit-stained Vanilla Ice T-shirt we pull out for special occasions, it's a T-shirt about a good rap meme. And now one exists for the best meme in rap: "If Young Metro don't trust you…"


The phrase "If Young Metro don't trust you I'ma shoot you," first uttered by Future as an off-handed ad lib on last year's Metro Boomin-produced "Jumpman," was quickly adopted by Metro as a new producer drop, but it really went mainstream when Kanye West incorporated it like an instrument of its own on The Life of Pablo highlight "Father Stretch My Hands Pt. 1." The ad lib has since gone viral, aided by tweets from Drake and Metro himself. Now, if RTing a photoshopped picture of Hillary Clinton responding to the question "Does Young Metro trust you?" isn't enough for you, you can wear the phrase on a shirt, courtesy of Metro's own shirt line. There's an Uncle Sam version, a Grim Reaper version, and two simple versions with hands holding guns. You can check them all out on Metro's online store and buy them for $35.

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Just don't try any shady credit card fraud shit with the order processing. It would be bad news if you lost Metro's trust…

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