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Kitchen’s Floor Have a New Video and It's Full of Classic Scuzz

The track is a sequel to their Brisbane slack rock classic “Deadshits”.
March 11, 2015, 12:25am

Have Kitchen’s Floor grown up? The short answer is no. The Brisbane band, led by Matt Kennedy, will probably always play in sheds and drink long-necks from paper bags. But “Resident Dregs” their latest offering has a clearer and cleaner sound. The word ‘polished’ is a long stretch, but though the tone is still set by Kennedy’s sharp lyrics the song is bigger and more focused than some of their previous recordings.


While they are never going to mistaken for the Foo Fighters, the high definition video shot by Helena Papageorgiou also looks pretty slick.

The track is taken from an upcoming 7" that will be relesed through Kennedy's own label Eternal Soundcheck and Paradise Daily.

We had a chat to Matt about the video and track.

Noisey: Whose shed is that?
Matt Kennedy: The shed is one of many buried deep within a storage facility in West End. It's operated by Josh our bass player and serves as a rehearsal space for many of the finest bands in Brisbane. It's a change in setting from all the previous Kitchen's Floor videos which have been shot at my house 116, but I have pretty much exhausted that location by now.

It seems the fidelity and volume has gone up slightly from previous releases?
We recorded these latest tracks with Luke Walsh at the Blank Realm rehearsal space, which wasn't that fancy a set up but he's really good at creating a big rock production. The song itself is also a lot heavier than what Kitchen's Floor has done before so the two aspects kind of work for each other. The video was shot by Helena Papageorgiou using proper HD equipment, which was a conscious choice even though it brought out maybe a bit too much how damn haggard I looked that night. I like how you can see Bobby's saucepan kit set up. Not so much "more cowbell" but more "cheap saucepan".
A bit of trivia is that I actually played the drums on these new recordings, and I've always been a fan of the percussive sound of the cooking pot and find it one of the most definable aspects of the Kitchen's Floor sound. I actually think Bobby hates using it when we play but I'm slowly trying to get him accustomed to using it more.

I like the title “Resident Dregs” both in terms of stuff that floats in the bottom of bottles and as outsiders in a local music scene.
Those are both good interpretations. I originally thought of the term as describing people like myself around my age or slightly older in Brisbane who haven't packed up and moved to Melbourne or Sydney by now. We're the ones who have just stuck around this place for maybe a little too long trying to make things work. I evolved that idea with the lyrics into describing more of the wasted lifestyle that people tend to adopt when their surroundings become stagnant. There's some slight irony and humour buried in there to save it from becoming a total nihilistic cess pit of doom. "Resident Dregs" is the older-and-a-little-wiser sequel to the earlier Kitchen's Floor tune "Deadshits".

An upcoming Kitchen’s Floor 7" is due mid 2015 through Eternal Soundcheck/ Paradise Daily.