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Watch Converge Rip Through 'Jane Doe' in Its Entirety for the First Time Ever at Roadburn

Filmed by Pit Full of Shit's Frank Huang, this video shows how the metallic hardcore legends brought Roadburn 2016 to its knees.

Roadburn has earned its reputation as the festival where dreams come true, and this year's edition was no exception: between soul-stirring sets from Diamanda Galás , Neurosis, G.I.S.M. and a passel of Icelandic black metal wunderkinds, it must've been tough for any band to stand out… any band, that is, except metallic hardcore legends Converge. They upped the ante to a stratospheric level by playing their 2001 landmark opus Jane Doe in its entirety. As one might expect, it was fucking brilliant.


Pit Full of Shit's Frank Huang was on hand to capture the performance in all of its rabid intensity and emotional catharsis (you can see a ton of his other Roadburn [and otherwise] live videos here and here too—which I highly recommend doing, because dude is a seriously prolific, talented filmmaker).

Check it out…. there's hell to pay.