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Noisey Global Mixtape August 2015: Listen to the Best Music from Across the World Because We Love You

Our international taste is now on Apple Music.
August 20, 2015, 6:11pm

Hello you beautiful Noisey readers. If you've been paying attention to Noisey over the last year (you have; our analytics can prove it), you've probably noticed that we have a delcious monthly playlist curated by editors across the world. Pretty dope, right? Not only do we provide you with hilarious articles, interesting interviews, and innovative documentaries, but our music taste is so vast, it's literally global. Today, we're happy to let you know that you can now access these wonderful playlists on Apple Music. Yeah, that's right, all you gazillions of people with iPhones in your pocket—you now also have Noisey's exquisite taste in your pocket. Sick, right? Just click on the connect tab, and then take your parents' phone and do the same. Let's party, baby.


Here's the list of the songs you'll find on August's playlist, which you can stream on Apple Music here.

Keep Me - "Pesky" (United Kingdom)
Pet Symmetry - "Give Thanks (Get Lost)" (United States)
Deaf Wish - "The Know" (Australia)
Claude Violante - "The Double" (France)
Shadow Age - "Vexed" (Denmark)
Grenda - "You Better" (Mexico)
AB Syndrom - "Hologramm" (Germany)
Toe - "My Little Wish" (Japan)
Kate Boy - "Midnight Sun" (Sweden)
Gerard - "Höhe fallen" (Austria)

Not enough good music for you here? Check out the our archive of global playlists.